Satta Matka recognition in India across different age groups

Satta Matka’s Kalyan chart has become increasingly popular across various age groups in India, drawn by the prospect of massive winnings from a simple number guessing game. However, awareness of the risks is crucial.

Users of Different Age Groups

Teenagers and Young Adults

A significant portion of Kalyan chart Matka players fall in the late teenage years to 20s demographic. According to a study by the Indian National Centre for Responsible Gaming (Source), nearly 63% of young Indian males have engaged in Matka gambling before their 25th birthday. The desire for easy money, thrill and peer influence attracts many young people to Kalyan chart.

Middle-Aged Adults

Many Kalyan chart players are working professionals in their 30s, 40s and 50s struggling with gambling addiction. According to psychiatry professor Dr. Atul Ambekar from Delhi’s AIIMS (Source), factors like unemployment, debts, family responsibilities and low fixed incomes can drive middle-aged adults toward Matka gambling believing it offers quick solutions.

Retirees and Elderly

Some retired people and elderly also try their luck regularly at the Kalyan chart. As per data from Mumbai’s BMC helpline (Source), around 18% of problem gamblers are over 60. With ample time and access to pensions or savings, some view Matka as a recreational activity or means to supplement income. However, it often leads to loss of savings.

College Students

Counselors have observed an uptick in Matka gambling among college students (Source). Many learn about Kalyan chart from friends and start playing for entertainment before getting addicted. Access to pocket money and part-time earnings enables this trend. Students often end up accumulating debt and ruining academic prospects.

Daily Wage Workers

Construction workers, auto drivers, food delivery persons and other daily wage earners are a category highly attracted toward Matka Kalyan chart. According to a laborers’ union survey in Delhi (Source), over 75% have played Matka hoping for winnings that are huge compared to their modest daily income of around ₹500-700. However, losses often impact their families’ survival.


Some housewives have also taken to Satta Matka gambling, as per interviews of counselors (Source). It starts as a ‘part-time job’ they can manage at home to earn extra money for household expenses without family knowing, but soon turns into an obsession and secret addiction.


A few businessmen also discreetly try their hand at Matka gambling hoping for windfall gains to grow their capital quickly but at the risk of getting trapped in loss and addiction cycles. According to psychologist Dr. Anil Sharma (Source), over 20% of high net worth gamblers seeking treatment are businessmen who played Matka.

High Schoolers

Rising mobile access and Matka agents operating near schools have enabled students as young as 15-16 years old to play Kalyan chart. Parental supervision is critical, as highlighted by child psychology expert Dr. Meera Das (Source). Teenage participation poses high risk of lifelong gambling addiction before emotional maturity.


Q. Can you play Kalyan chart online?

A. Earlier Matka gambling used to happen through local agents and brokers. However, with advancing technology, many play Kalyan chart online through websites and apps that allow users to place bets digitally while maintaining anonymity. Authorities are trying to regulate these platforms.

Q. Is it possible to consistently win at Kalyan chart Satta Matka?

A. Since winning numbers are drawn randomly, Satta Matka results cannot be predicted consistently over a long term. Some gamblers think they can crack the Satta Matka pattern, but experts say results are too random for this. Winning a few times breeds false confidence and leads to addictive betting.

Q. How much money is invested in Kalyan chart daily?

A. Estimates suggest over ₹500 crore is bet everyday on Kalyan chart across India through both physical and online networks. These volumes indicate the massive popularity and presence of Matka gambling despite its illegal status.


In summary, while Kalyan Chart draws easy money and luck cuts across age groups, teens and young adults remain the most vulnerable demographic and warrant strong safeguards. Awareness, responsible gambling habits, and prevention of access to minors is vital.

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